Decluttering With Heart

Kathi Jensen

February 10, 2023 | 4-5 min read

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Unlock the Magic of Decluttering with Clutter B Gone!

In the world of junk removal companies, Clutter B Gone stands out as a vibrant and eco-conscious option. What sets us apart? Let’s dive in like a gold medalist high diver and explore our unique approach to decluttering, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

Sentimental Relocation: Giving Memories a Second Life We all have items we cherish, even if they’ve lost their practicality. Clutter B Gone understands that sentimental value of these treasures. Rather than labeling everything as “junk”, we’re on a mission to find these items a new, loving home. It’s like a heartwarming reunion for your cherished possessions!

Budget Bliss: No Surprises, Just Text and Go! Say goodbye to the anxiety of an unexpected bill. Clutter B Gone believes in transparency. We provide you with a quote through text, email or phone before the decluttering magic begins. If the numbers make you smile, we’ll schedule your decluttering adventure. Payment? No need to stress about it upfront; we collect at the end. But be warned, if you delay your payment your items might make a dramatic return!

Eco-Friendly Heroes in Action: Going Green with Gusto. Clutter B Gone isn’t just about tossing stuff into a landfill. We’re eco-conscious warriors! Usable items find new homes through donations, metals and cardboard are given a second life through recycling, and the rest? Well, that’s headed to the dump unless you say otherwise. We are the true champions of the “reduce, reuse, recycle” motto.

The Art of Decluttering: A Symphony of Organization Witness Clutter B Gone’s crew in action, and you’ll be treated to a well-orchestrated decluttering performance. They strategically load items into trucks and trailers, ensuring each piece reaches its intended destination. It’s like watching a perfectly choreographed junk ballet!

It's Not Junk - It's a World of Possibilities: Remember, at Clutter B Gone, your items aren’t just junk; they’ve simply outstayed their welcome. It’s time to bid them adieu and make room for new adventures in your beautiful home. Whether it’s your grandma’s antique dresser or that dusty exercise bike you promised to use, Clutter B Gone is here to help you declutter with flair!

Ready to embark on a decluttering journey that’s as delightful as it is efficient? Clutter B Gone is just a text away, ready to unlock the full potential of your space with a sprinkle of magic.

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Kathi Jensen


Kathi is not just a co-owner of Clutter B Gone, but also the mastermind behind our vibrant social media and marketing campaigns. When she’s not crafting engaging content, you’ll find her coming up with the next thing to organize, always with a smile!